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What is the Average Cost of a Dumpster Rental?

The critical role a dumpster plays in effective junk management in projects is undebatable. The benefits of renting a waste container range from convenience, timely pickup and delivery of garbage, and maintaining a great first impression to speeding up the acquisition of permits.

The main concern for most people is the cost estimates of dumpster rental. Depending on size, the estimated rate of renting a dumpster ranges between $500 and $800.

However, the rate is subject to fluctuation, depending on several factors. Below is a breakdown of the average cost of rental junk containers of different sizes.  

Small Dumpsters

Do you need a dumpster for a project?

The 10-yard and 15-yard waste containers fall under the small category. Since they are the smallest in the market, they attract the least rental charges. You can expect to spend an estimated rental charge of $450+ per week. 

Medium Dumpsters

Under this category, we have the second largest garbage container, the 20-yard container. It is mainly used for heavy-duty residential projects like yard and exterior upgrades. You can expect to pay an estimated rate of $550+ per week. 

Large Dumpsters

The 30-yard dumpsters fall under the large category since they are the second largest in the market. They attract an estimated rental cost of $700+ per week. 

Extra-Large Dumpsters

These comprise the biggest waste container in the market, the 40-yard container. To have it on your site, you can expect to spend an estimated cost of $900+ per week.

Other Factors That Affect 

The above rental price estimates have been arrived at by factoring in the aspect of size. However, other key factors come into play in determining the price of dumpster rental. 


The location in which you live or your business organization operates is critical to the rental price of waste containers. The estimated price of renting a waste container differs from one state to another and one city to another. A person or business operating in an urban area should expect to pay a higher estimated rate than their counterparts living or operating in a rural area. This is because the demand for dumpsters is usually higher in urban areas than in the upcountry. 

Weight Limit

Waste containers come with a set weight limit. The limit is meant to protect the integrity of the roads where the container passes during its transportation to the dumpsite. Exceeding the set weight limit attracts additional charges. 

Seasonal Demand

Average container rental prices also vary according to the change of seasons. Some seasons attract an increased charge rate than others. For instance, you would expect to pay more rental charges in spring and summer than in other seasons of the year. This is because the weather is favorable for renovation and other improvement projects and the demand for garbage containers is high.

Extra Services

Additional and specialized services attract a higher estimated dumpster rental price than the normal charge rates. For instance, if you wanted same-day or weekend delivery and pickup or needed several emptying trips, you would pay a higher price than normal. Similarly, if you wanted to extend the rental period of the container, you would be forced to pay a little higher than the normal rental charges. This is especially true during a spring and summer seasons when the demand for the containers is high. 

Type of Waste

In addition to the local garbage disposal authority ordinances, waste container companies too, have their own regulations. Generally, items such as medical waste, fridges, oils, grease, tires, and flammables amongst many others are prohibited. Tossing such items into the dumpster or the things your provider has prohibited automatically attracts additional charges on top of the normal charge rates. 

Taxes and Permits

Some local ordinances provide that you first obtain permits before placing waste containers on public property such as sidewalks and outside an apartment building. Other local jurisdictions impose taxes on placement of waste containers. Government taxes and permit costs are transferred to you through increased rental charges. Most companies usually disclose this sort of information to their clients at the point of renting the container.

As you have seen, dumpster rental charges can go as high as $1000 depending on the above circumstances. Therefore, it is always advisable to follow the set local and company regulations. In addition to keeping you in good books of the authorities, it will help avoid penalties that could inflate your charges. Moreover, be sure to shop around and compare the market prices before settling on a given dumpster company. When you settle on a certain company, be sure to bargain for reduced market prices and discounts, something that could save you in excess of tens of dollars. 

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