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Demarco Waste Testimonials & Client Reviews

I couldn’t be happier with DeMarco Waste Management! Their dumpster rental service was a game-changer for our home renovation project. From the moment we contacted them, they were incredibly accommodating and efficient. They delivered the dumpster right on schedule and picked it up promptly when we were done. It made the entire process so much smoother and hassle-free. DeMarco definitely helped us stay organized and keep our property clean during the renovation. I highly recommend their services to anyone tackling a home improvement project.

– Sarah T. Pittsburgh, PA


“DeMarco Waste has been an essential partner for our construction business. Their waste management services are second to none. The team at DeMarco is highly professional, and they consistently ensure that our construction sites are free from debris and waste. They have played a significant role in helping us maintain a clean and safe work environment. We’ve worked with many waste management companies in the past, but Dimarco Waste stands out for their reliability and dedication to our project’s success. I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks DeMarco!”

David M. Irwin, PA


“I’ve had the pleasure of using DeMarco Waste for multiple projects, and they have never let me down. What impresses me the most is their consistent quality of service. Whether it’s a small home improvement job or a larger construction project, they handle it all with professionalism and efficiency. Their team is not only courteous but also incredibly helpful, making the dumpster rental process a breeze. DeMarco Waste is now my go-to choice for waste management services, and I have full confidence in recommending them to others.”

Emily L. Glenshaw, PA


“What an excellent partner for our waste management needs. We recently utilized their dumpster rental services for a significant clean-up project, and they exceeded our expectations. The rental process was straightforward, and their rates were competitive. They provided us with a well-maintained dumpster that was perfect for our needs. The team at DeMarco Waste is responsive and genuinely cares about their customers. I was so impressed that I’ll definitely be using their services again for future projects. I highly recommend Dimarco Waste to anyone in need of efficient waste management.”

Michael H. Pittsburgh, PA


“DeMarco Waste has been a lifesaver during our recent home renovation. Their waste management solutions helped us stay on top of the clutter and maintain a clean and organized workspace. Their team was responsive and provided us with expert guidance on waste disposal. They went above and beyond to ensure our project ran smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without them. If you’re embarking on a renovation journey, I strongly recommend DeMarco Waste for their exceptional service and dedication to customer satisfaction.” 

Lisa R. Butler, PA